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Keith FieldsI received an email today complaining about the lack of messages that I have sent to my mail list of late!  I guess that means I occasionally say something of interest.One of the reasons is that we have been busy updating websites and have now put all magic newsletters and blogs on a new site at My main site carries a link to the magic site but has been redesigned to promote, shows and speaking work.We value feedback from our magic friends so please let us know what you think.And now my thought for the day…

Keep It Fresh

My thought for today is actually just over a year old!
I was on a lecture tour in California and a fine tour it was. I had several lectures to do and a few shows at some casinos.  During a lecture at Grand Illusions in Sacramento I met the proprietor,Steve Johnson, who asked me if I would do a short radio style interview for his web site.  I am always willing to try anything that sounds like fun so I did the interview and promptly forgot all about it!
Fast forward twelve months (to yesterday) and I walk into my office to hear my voice coming out of Sarah’s computer.  I had no idea what it was and I was intrigued.  Especially as Sarah was laughing. Turns out that I was both quite funny and full of good information and I was also in trouble. I now had to explain to my wife why I hadn’t shared this gem with her and with you.
So here we are.  It is twelve months late but I hope you enjoy it.
It only lasts ten minutes so click here on picture below and I hope it puts a smile on your face.
the magic broadcast banner

Put the Fun into Fundraising
– A new Ebook by
Keith Fields and Sarah Harfield

put the fun into fundraising

 Between them, Keith and Sarah have over 50 years of experience  working with schools, PTO’s, churches, charities and non-profits of all shapes and sizes.
 They have distilled and shared their experience and wisdom in this new EBook.
Learn a constructive approach to analyzing your fundraising efforts and some of Sarah Harfieldthe best ways to raise thousands of $$$.
Click on the picture of the book cover for more information.
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