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Have we dropped in to your club?

8 months and counting…
Yes! That is how long our magic clubs have been hosting zoom meetings!
Lady Sarah and me have been dropping in at a few magic clubs around the globe to perform part of our Magic Castle act and a mini lecture. 
Have we dropped in to your club yet?
Paul Romhany (editor of Vanish Magazine) was at a recent drop-in and as a result wrote this review for his magazine. It gives a little insight to what you can expect…

Having had the opportunity to watch a lot of online lectures I can say that Keith Fields was by far one of my top favorites!! Not only did we all learn some real-world material– the balloon gag for me was something that is going straight into my act – pure GOLD! but he also presented one of the best online openings I’ve ever seen. With his truly talented and hilarious wife Lady Sarah they opened the lecture with a performance that we are all still talking about! Together they kept us entertained and it was one of the rare occasions that I actually felt like I was sitting in the front row to a live show. They have honed their online experience through more performances than anybody I know, and it shows. You can learn a lot from just watching a performance and this was a real masterclass in what can be done online.”

Paul goes on for several paragraphs but you get the drift. You will have to read the rest in Vanish Magazine😊.

We are available worldwide and we don’t have to leave our house! The session lasts about 30 minutes and is free of charge for magic clubs. Below is a video montage taken from a zoom recording of an actual drop in…

We would love to drop-in to your club so please pass this information on to whoever organizes it and we hope to see you very soon, even if it is only virtually!Stay safe and wash your hands
Best wishes
Keith Fields

“Your drop in at our club was so awesomely fun. You have such shining personalities, and it shows in what you do. This was something much needed to add to our Zoom meeting and our members are still talking about it. You and Sarah were exactly what our club needed.”Chris Yuill – Canada

“Keith Fields and Lady Sarah dropped in on our local club meeting this month. Not only were they hilarious and knowledgeable, but they brought energy to the meeting, despite it being virtual. I highly recommend inviting them to “drop in” if you would like to add some life to your club’s meeting!”Jake Austin – USA

“Keith Fields and Lady Sarah are wonderful. Their attention to detail was superb, and everything had been thought through. What shone through was Keith’s passion and enthusiasm for magic, and he was willing to answer any of our questions. The lighting, sound and backdrop were all superb. It was a pleasure to watch true professionals in action.”Steve Price – UK