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Mask Etiquette

Sleep when you are dead!
We are great believers in being positive, finding new ways to get the magic out there, and spreading a little happiness We all need to smile and laugh more, its good for us! It releases endorphins and helps us cope with stress.
Here is a little educational segment that we produced for WXYZ TV, the second in a series we are doing for them. We hope it makes you smile.

And because we have too much free time of our hands you can now join us twice a week (yes twice!) on our new talk show ‘A Cup Of T’ – Tuesdays and Thursdays at Two from Troy where you can join in with the chat and see a bit of magic. Watch LIVE at 2pm EST or 7pm BST (UK) at The Magic Or check out The Magic Soiree facebook page for LIVE and past episodes.
Stay safe and wash your hands
Best wishes

Keith Fields