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Have you seen our YouTube Channel?

HOLY MOLY have you seen my YOUTUBE Channel???

Lady Sarah has been organizing it!

I thought we would just be doing some house work during this Covid lock down, but she has taken to organizing my channel!

I have over 7 playlists (yes that’s a thing), over 160 videos, and 3 videos entitled “Keith Fields plays the ukulele” (yes I’m most proud of those!) and 26 videos under the title “Magic Creations” – here’s one to whet your appetite.

Then there is our weekly streamed show. It is called ‘A Cup Of T’, a lighthearted talk show and this week we film our 28th episode. Among our guests we have had a Barred Owl and covered topics such as ‘Top Tips on your Google Business Page’.
Every week we have a magician perform, everyone from Steve Valentine and Shawn Farquhar, to Fred Lenter!  If you need something to make you smile, all the back episodes are available now. 
Also on our YouTube channel. Here’s one that will make you laugh talking about Improv to Ventriloquism
NEXT (you know I”m going to ask) will you please CLICK HERE AND SUBSCRIBE?
I want to get to 1000 subscribers so I’ll need your help. Feel free to share any of the videos, let me know which ones you enjoy and what you would like to see more of.
The final project that I want to share is our Magic Club ZOOM Drop-Ins. We have dropped into over 30 magic clubs around the world with our mini show and lecture via Zoom. If we haven’t visited your club and you would like a visit please email – it’s free and takes up 30 minutes of your club night. It is fast moving and funny and I guarantee that I will not be pitching any product😊.
Stay safe and wash your hands
Best wishes

Keith Fields