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I admit it, I have been far too quiet lately! So here is a bit about a new project of mine, or I should say ours, as Lady Sarah is on my case…
Many years ago in London, my good friend John Lenahan opened ‘Monday Night Magic’. It was a small upstairs theatre located at a pub called The Gatehouse.  I’m guessing that it seated about 80 people, and it quickly turned into one of those shows that everyone wanted to work. The reason was simple – the audience. They weren’t your normal comedy club or theatre crowd. They weren’t an audience of magicians.  There were rules – a magician could only get in with 3 non-magicians! It was an audience of folk who love magic.
Wow! Up to that point I never knew that people like this existed! Most of my work was performing in comedy clubs and other late-night establishments where the audience had been drinking (lots), a rowdy crowd was the norm.

Since moving to the USA I have discovered several similar venues, places where there is an audience who simply love magic. The most prestigious and my favourite dining establishment is the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Performing there is just the most wonderful experience (and quite exhausting with 3 shows a night!). But there are many others that you may not have heard of… like the California Magic Club in Martinez, and the marvelous Theatre of Dreams in Castle Rock, CO. Looking at my old diaries I have so far performed at over a dozen of them, and each one is a gem.

A Brit of Magic – Magic Castle with Lady Sarah
These venues are good for magic and a great place for us to take muggles to see professional acts. Even a magic hater can be converted if they see the right performer. And there is nothing better than seeing a good magician in a room full of lay people – it will give you a whole new perspective on our art.
So let’s make a pact. I am going to attempt to perform at as many magic theatres as I can but I need your help…
  1. Please support your local magic theatre or magic show. Take lay people. Buy them tickets if you must (you will only have to do it once as they will want to come back)
  2. Spread the word – use your social media to share local magic shows etc.
  3. If you know of a local magic theatre, please pass details on to me. I promise we will be in contact with them and do our best to come and do a show for you.
I will be writing a little story about each of them as I get to work there. And as I will be in the Dickens Parlour Theatre in Delaware in a couple of weeks, expect an update very soon.
Lets all work together to make magic more popular than it has ever been.

Keith Fields

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