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NEMCOM & Boston Magic Lab

Sarah has been reminding me to write a newsletter for the past 6 weeks and I promised to have it ready for the 6th March (I was secretly working on “don’t put off till tomorrow what you can put off till the day after tomorrow”). Then I surprised her by having it ready early (brownie points for me). Only to realize that I had missed out two events happening between now and then that deserved a mention (double oops). Anyway that is my long winded excuse for the need of an addendum to my earlier newsletter 😉

So, what are these two things…

New England Magic Conference

We will be lecturing and performing in Connecticut in 15 days at NEMCON (the New England Magic Conference). If you are in the area this is a MUST. I am looking forward to seeing Stuart MacDonald and Eric Dittleman amongst so many others on this stellar list of performers. Check it out at

The Magic Lab

The Boston Magic Lab is an exciting concept. A group of young creative magicians putting on a monthly show creating a space where they could explore and experiment with new material and polish their acts. When we heard about it, we really wanted to visit. When we told them we were going to visit they asked us to do 15 minutes in the show. We jumped at the chance!