Sweet & Sour Prediction

sweet n sourYou have an envelope in your hand and you ask your volunteer to name any Chinese meal. Imagine they say Chicken Chow Mein. You boldly take your prediction out of the envelope and show it to the audience – slight problem, it is written in Chinese! This joke is akin to the bar code gag and gets a great laugh. But you are not done yet… You fold the prediction in a couple of places and the prediction now reads in English ‘42’ which is the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything (as any hitchhikersguide fans will tell you!) And by strange coincidence if you went to your local Chinese restaurant and asked for a number 42 you would get chicken chow mein!

The audience, although laughing, are still not satisfied – how could they possibly doubt your integrity? So you reach into the envelope and take out a menu from your local Chinese restaurant and show your audience that number 42 is in fact Chicken Chow Mein!

They can really call out (almost) any Chinese meal and the outcome will be the same!
A great routine for stage, parlour or close-up!
Plays big and packs small!
Two great gags and a knockout finale!
Self working and very easy to perform!

This clip shows the first time I ever performed it in front of a live audience


Sweet and Sour Prediction comes as an instant download.  It requires a printer, a pair of scissors and 10 minutes to construct

United States Version - $20

UK Version - $20