Human Xylophone

Keith Fields Human XylophoneA fantastic stage filling routine for any magic act! Keith Fields amazing rounting with the Human Xylophone is loads of fun and full of audience participation!   Perfect for Family shows, street shows, school shows, Birthday parties, church shows and more. Easy to do and it contains many object lessons about teamwork and being in tune with each other.

Check out the video on you tube…

$130 plus s&h ($16 USA, $26 Anywhere else)

USA $146
Anywhere else $156


2 Responses to Human Xylophone

  1. Marc DeSouza says:

    ‘I’m not a Children’s performer, but I loved his Musical Tubes Routine. It’s not even magic, but a wonderful, entertaining interlude that involves a stage full of people. I think it’s perfect for a corporate entertainer or trainer who wants to talk about Teamwork’ – Marc DeSouza

  2. Eric Henning says:

    ‘I’ve seen Keith do this several times now and it’s amazing how entertaining this is! It’s the perfect audience participation routine and it’s going into my holiday shows immediately!’ – Eric Henning

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