Whats New on the Radio… How to Produce Your Own Magic Show

It is 9AM.  I am up, dressed and sitting at my computer to write a newsletter!  I have already been through my emails, checked FaceBook, and put the laundry in the washing machine.  Those of you who know me well will be wondering what has happened.  Well it is not me turning over a new leaf, just the result of jet lag.  It has been a busy summer and I have now slept in my own bed for 2 nights in a row – a first since June.

The last 3 months have been a bit of a roller coaster.  Doing my show “A Brit Of Magic” in Gatlinburg followed by a trip back to the England for a reunion at The Comedy Store – wow it was great to see old friends and watch the new up and comings on the London Circuit – oh and of course fitted in a family wedding (hence the jet lag).

But I am not going to go on about any of that as there is one thing I did during the summer that you simply must hear.  Julian Mather asked me to do an interview for hisMagic Business website and you can download it here…

Keith Fields – How to Produce Your Own Magic Show

Those of you with modern electronic devices can access it through iTunes and listen a your leisure.

I am primarily talking about my recent experiences putting on A Brit of Magic but as always there are nuggets of wisdom that you can apply to whatever type of magic you do.  I have just listened to it and impressed myself with some of the things I said!

If you haven’t discovered Julian’s site you are in for a treat as there is a ton of great stuff here from some very knowledgeable people.

So what are you waiting for?  Time to expand your mind and get learning.

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