It’s a magic wand that turns instantly into an appearing cane (I could say gentleman’s cane but you are all magicians, you know exactly what I mean!)  This is a great item for cabaret, kids shows, even close-up.  It can be set in your prop box and ready to go in an instant.  Just pick up the magic wand, and when you want to, BOOM it’s a cane!


This is my current favorite gag and I use it almost everywhere because of the surprised reaction that it gets from audience members!

In cabaret shows I use the Magic Marker  early on, and then I use Wand2Cane just before the end. There is something about that moment when people jump, and then they realize what just happened and gasp and laugh at the same time.  And the noise of the appearing cane in this instant adds to it and actually improves the effect!

For family shows… well it could be another gag wand, and they are always good value in a show.  Or it could be a running gag.  I use 3 of these!! Each time I pick up a magic wand it changes into a cane and frightens the life out of me!  So next time I am scared to go to my wand box (draw box) but it is empty, then I open it again and the snake flies out! (supply your own snake box).

I’m sure there is a great routine here for a wand that turns into a cane and then the cane vanishes followed by the wand turning up on my back! (Yes I will soon have matching appearing and vanishing canes also available).

I have recently found a new supplier of canes which are of superior quality and the fastest plastic canes I have ever used.

Anyway cut to the chase Keith… How much for this little beauty?

$35 plus s&h ($5 in USA, $10 for the rest of the world)


USA $40.00


Anywhere else $45.00

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