Running the Numbers

A wonderful tool for the mind reader…
You will wonder how you managed without it! One example of the many possible routines with this book…

A volunteer is asked to stop you at a random page as you flick through the book. They then look at the page number and remember it. This is repeated with 2 more volunteers. Thay are all thinking of different numbers. You ask them to stand and you point to each volunteer in turn and name a number and say ‘If I correctly named your number will you please sit down now’ The 3 volunteers sitting down simultaneously is an instant cue for thunderous applause!

This presentation is similar to the Hoy tossed out deck routine only with a book but there are many more possibile routines with this well produced book.

See my favorite routine by clicking on the youtube link below

$50 plus S&H (USA $4, Anywhere else $15)

USA $54
Anywhere else $65