Magic Marker

magic marker orange smallWhat is it? 

 Probably the greatest magic gag since the funkenring!



A marker pen turns into a cane in the blink of an eye – but the effect on the audience is quite amazing! They will jump out of their skin, look amazed, or fall into a fit of giggles!

This cool effect brings the appearing cane bang up to date.

Any time you do a trick with a card or a bill that you need signed try this – reach into your pocket, take out the Magic Marker and WHAM – guaranteed to generate big laughs and an amazing reaction.

Strong visual magic that people remember and talk about.

This went straight into my show and I have used it on stage, in close-up, at parties, and in kids’ shows.  It never fails to get a great reaction.

$35 plus s&h ($5 in USA, $10 for the rest of the world)

USA $40
Anywhere else $45

Magic Marker $30 plus s&h

Magic Marker $35 plus s&h

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