Insight $150 plus h&s

Insight $150 plus h&s

The Insight book test was a huge success in the world of mentalism when it was first released back in the 90′s. The limited run quickly sold out and it has been unavailable for manyyears. Now re-released with a new cover design and a new title, but inside it is identicle to the original.

Nothing to memorize. Looks like real mind reading.

The reviews below should tell you all you need to know but please email me if you have any questions.

When considering this item you may like to look at “Running the Numbers” as an excellent partner product as all the ‘secret information’ that you need is hidden on it’s back cover.

$150 plus s&h ($4 USA, $15 Anywhere else)

USA $154
Anywhere else $158

3 Responses to Insight

  1. Lee Earle says:

    ‘Insight’ allows one to work with names, dates, animals, occupations, countries, etc with all the possibilities logically associated, eliminating the need for a crib sheet. What a luxury! Anything which removes barriers between me and my audience is greatly appreciated – ‘Insight’ neatly fits the bill. Properly produced, properly thought out, and properly priced, this product has my highest recommendation. ‘Insight’ is a winner.’ – Lee Earle

  2. ‘…very clean and direct, easy to use and learn, versatile, can be performed hands off, and does exactly what is promised … this belongs in the creme-de-la-creme of book tests and is highly recommended. –

  3. ‘This is a very interesting book test, with an approach which is different from any others I’ve seen… The book you get looks like a standard soft cover trade publication. It is 199 pages long and appears completely innocent. The nature of the method requires a different approach to the picking of the words in the text, but this has a very jazzy, freeform feel to it, and although I have absolutely no experience doing book tests, I fell into it right away. And I’ll tell you that everyone I’ve performed this for has been completely blown away by it… Highly recommended’ – Michael Close (Magic Magazine)

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