If Ever A Wizz There Was

0If Ever A Wizz There Was

For over 15 years I performed over 250 children’s shows a year. That was until cruises, comedy clubs, corporate shows and trade shows took up all my time. I still do a few kids shows every year to keep my hand in.

If you do shows for children and families then you must have this book… but don’t believe me, read the reviews…

Contents include my 12 of my favorite routines, my thoughts on how to be the best children’s entertainer in your area, advice on comedy for kids, character building, marketing and so much more.

Full patter with most of the routines.

$35 plus s&h (USA $4, Anywhere else $15)

USA $39
Anywhere else $50


5 Responses to If Ever A Wizz There Was

  1. David Kaye says:

    ‘Keith Fields knows how to entertain children and families and how to
    make them laugh. Plus his experiences as a street performer and stand up
    comedian inform his technique for performing for kids with great
    success. This is an excellent book.’

    David Kaye AKA Silly Billy

  2. Mark Daniel says:

    ‘Keith has a wonderfully fresh and unique take on KIDshows and his book reflects that with very commercial routines he has made a living with. There is, I predict, classic material in this book that will find it’s way into many family performers shows for years to come. Thanks to Keith for sharing a wonderful treasure of routines and ideas!’

    Mark Daniel
    School Show Guy and KIDabra Chief Bottle Washer

  3. Dave Andrews says:

    ‘Keith should never have released this book! He is handing you the hows, whys and wherefores of success as a children’s entertainer on the proverbial plate. No fancy phsycological fare, just down to earth advice (and tricks, no less!) from an entertainer who knows his subject. There is a wealth of solid information and material in every page and the ‘video assists’ are a stroke of genius.’

    Dave Andrews

  4. Doug Scheer says:

    ‘I have a love/hate relationship with Keith Fields
    I love that he’s a great magician.
    I hate that he lives in my market area.
    I love that he’s got some great routines and ideas.
    I hate that he’s practically giving them away.
    Please don’t buy this book!’

    Doug Scheer

  5. Mark Worgan says:

    ‘Like all successful professional performers it is very easy to see
    why they are so successful. Keith has been there, performed there, won
    the trophies to prove it and has continued to turn out commercial,
    doable magic, which everyone can perform. When you read this book you
    are obviously being taught by a consummate professional who cares
    about his profession and who has worked every single routine to know
    what makes it work. His tips and advice add that extra value added
    factor that so many other books lack. I can highly recommend this
    ebook to anyone who wants to start in the business of entertaining
    children or who is already established. Everyone can take something
    from this work.’

    Mark Worgan

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