If Ever A Wiz There Was – Part 2

It contains more of my thinking about the business, how to develop comedy and personality in your performances, hints, tips, patter and 11 more of the routines that I actually use as a professional chidren’s entertainer.  They are all audience tested, real world routines. The actual routines that paid my mortgage and put food on the table for many years.  For those of you who have Part 1 I know I need say no more.

But for those of you who need a bit more let me share the titles of the routines…

Water poi
The birthday test
The bill in the box of mystery
The great golf game
The bungee hat
Crazy glue
Bucket head twister
Cut and restored rope
T&R balloon
The clown with no nose
The bucket and pole

End to end that is almost 2 hours out of my performing repertoire!


$35 plus s&h (USA $4, Anywhere else $15)

USA $39
$50 Rest of the World