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If you have 1 you must have 2! If Ever A Wiz There Was – Part 2
Wand2Cane from Keith Fields
 It’s a magic wand that turns instantly into an appearing cane (I could say gentleman’s cane but you are all magicians, you know exactly what I mean!) 
To learn more, see reviews and video, click – Wand2Cane
magic marker orange small
The Magic Marker.  The latest creation from Keith Fields, the best magic gag since the Funkenring. 
To learn more, see reviews and video, click – The Magic Marker
Devils Handkerchief
 The Devils Hank. ITS BACK and in limited quantities.  The perfect utiliity device for vanishing small objects PLUS my world famous ‘Bill in Banana Rountine’ 
To learn more, click – The Devils Hank
human xylophone
A fantastic stage filling routine for any magic act. Its magical and musical but you dont have to be either!  
To learn more and see the routine in action click – The Human Xylophone
 If Ever A Wizz There Was
If you do shows for children and families you must have this book, but don’t believe me… read the reviews.  Click to find out more about If Ever A Wizz There Was 
 ‘Insight’  – Arguablely one of the best book tests in the world.
Click to find out more about Insight $120 plus s&h
Physic Hangman – an ingenious new routine which makes a book test logical and fun to perform.  To find out more click – The Physic Hangman
Running the Numbers –
This presentation is similar to the Hoy tossed out deck routine only with a book but there are many more possible routines with this well produced book.  To see video and learn more click Running the Numbers
triangle of terror
The Triangle of Terror.
In Keith’s book ‘IF Ever A Wiz There Was’ is a routine which requires a wooden pool triangle attached to a leash.  And here it is to purchase direct from Keith Fields and with video to show you  just what a great routine this is – The Triangle of Terror
How to Handle Hecklers.
Keith Fields’ unique book will teach you the art of self defense against hecklers. So unique it has its own web site! or to stay on this web site and find out more click How to Handle Hecklers
sweet n sour
Sweet and Sour Prediction  – an instant download that is an instant hit. 
Sweet and Sour Prediction comes as an instant download.  It requires a printer, a pair of scissors and 10 minutes to construct. To find out more click Sweet and Sour Prediction
Paddle magic
Paddle Magic by Keith Fields.  This is the latest and greatest in paddle magic.  For video clips, reviews and more information click Paddle Magic
For 2 sets of replacement paddles but no routine… please click this giant link.